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PPRC Piping System !

Polypropylene Random Co-polymer (PPRC) is an abundantly used food grade raw material across the globe for piping systems for drinking water applications. PPRC is meant for both hot and cold water systems for supply and distribution, a recommended piping system manufactured according to international standard with certifiable pure and virgin raw materials can ensure the carriage of pure and healthy water only in contrary with substandard pipe systems, produced by mixing cheaper, unhygienic and non-food grade recycled plastics in the raw material.

Master PPRC Pipes & Fittings is the only Pakistani brand which is equivalent rather above any international PPRC brands available in the country and now by the grace of Al Mighty it has become a "word of mouth" among quality conscious consumers in a very short span of time due to its unmatched quality, availability and competitive price.


  • Equally durable for supply of hot and cold water
  • Recommended for residential and commercial projects
  • Keeps water temperature normal in extreme weather condition
  • Manufactured with pure food-grade material ensuring pollution free water in its original condition
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Reduce noise in low and high water-flow
  • Technically designed to give convenient and reliable installation
  • Helpful gripping that eases welding work
  • Constant hydrostatic strength

Techinal Specification

  • Taper-Fitting with self locking facility that prevent leakage
  • Socket-fusion jointing
  • Spectrocast analyzed food grade brass
  • Standarad fitting-depth for easy-going welding process
  • Turning & Machining on automatic CNC lathes
  • Use of forged brass rods
  • Complete range from 20 to 110mm
  • 2.5 mp pressure rating (25 bar)
  • High-precision moulding on computerized injection moulding machines
  • User friendly jointing due to smooth corner (no sharp edges)
  • ISO 15874 DIN 8077 DIN 8078 PPRC
  • Standard dimensions according to DIN 16962
  • Impact-strength tested
  • Ovality-tested pipes