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News & Events !

  • Master PPRC Sales Incentive Policy (Jan 2015 – Feb 2016) has been closed. Based on Annual Performances, Awards distribution ceremony will be held on April, 2016 at Gujranwala where all our valued dealers will be invited.
  • The commercial market demand instigated Master to come up with new line of UPVC pipes namely Pro fit and Pro fit plus with good quality and best competitive prices. These pipes are available in all Pipe markets.
  • Yet another gigantic project, "Master Industrial Complex at Sadokee" will be in operation soon. The facility is equipped with the state of art the Machinery & huge manufacturing capacity in all forms of plastic pipes along with their fittings.
  • Television Commercial (TVC) of Master UPVC Pipes & Fittings will go On-air soon on different National channels.
  • Master PE pipes & fittings; meant for Natural gas supply has been slightly changed from bright yellow to dull yellow due to change in raw material color. To ensure originality of the brand, please refer our logo printed or embossed on each item.
  • All our brand loyal customers are being informed and cautioned that the people involved in Trade Mark Infringement activities, are using misleading brand names and slightly altered logos as seemingly like original MASTER to push their substandard pipes and fittings. These fake piping systems soon collapse and the resulted seepage from their unreliable fused-joints become an eyesore in newly constructed buildings. Above all these pipes and fittings are severely detrimental to public health, as the toxic chemicals used in their production leach into the drinking water.
  • A big & Successful Plumber's function was arranged on February 12, 2016 at ShahJehan Banquet Hall-Multan for the technical support of the participants. In the event, the guests were served there with the lavish supper and many gifts were distributed among them.