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Customer Care Services !

The mission of our customer service is to minimize complaints by disseminating general and technical awareness to the customers through technical people. We pledge to achieve the loyalty and permanent support of our technical experts who work as doctors in this field.

Master gives eager priority to the satisfaction of its customers and stands behind every product sold. The efficient Customer Complaint Cell (CCC) works to meet the tough target of satisfaction of each customer complaint within 24 hours.

In case of any problem customers can call us at our toll free No: 0800 23232


The customer services department works to meet the following objectives:

  • To enroll at least 1000 Tile Fixers and Plumbers every year for training as Master Certified Tiles Fixer/Plumber.
  • To satisfy maximum problems and complaints of the customers.
  • To create awareness on Master Products and their benefits to the customers through intermediaries.
  • To get first hand feedback and information from technical people after customers use Master Products.
  • To develop strategy and plans for implementing long term recommendations of technical experts for our products.
  • To achieve long-run brand loyalty of technical people for Master Products. In light of the feedback from customers and technical people, devise imrovements in products and services.